I'm Abby...

... a UX designer

with some coding skills. (Yes- I coded this site!)

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I am a UX designer.
I am also a foodie and an avid meditator.
I love cats, culture, nature, and sunny days.

My Skills


UX Design & Web Development

I started to learn UX design and web development during my seven plus year career as an editor, as my desire to change the design and layout of the digital articles I was publishing grew. I've been hooked ever since and absolutely love the creative meets technical aspects of coding and UX design. To date, I can confidently claim that I am proficient in my use of Figma and Adobe XD. I also can code using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress, with some basic knowledge of Javascript. The list of skills is happily growing as we speak...


Writing & Editing

I started my first journal when I was six years old and have been writing ever since. My passion for writing grew throughout my childhood and into my adolescence, where by my senior year in high school I was editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper. In college I had my own column in the Washington Square News, and then later began freelance ghost writing after I completed graduate school. This eventually lead to my career as an editor, in which I have worked with numerous media companies editing closed captioning transcripts, various forms of texts, articles, and books.

My UX Design Portfolio

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My Resume

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Live fully. Breathe deeply. Create beautifully!

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